Stetson Setalla, Hopi Parrot Pottery Bowl
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Hopi-Tewa Traditional Pottery Parrot Bowl handmade by Hopi artist Stetson Setalla.  Stetson practices contemporary pottery along with traditional pottery creating vibrant and unique art.  His pots stand out with his vibrant paint and symbols.   Stetson chose the Parrot to wrap around the hand coiled clay.

 Each parrot represents the sun and the coming of the rains. Parrots were considered carriers of the specific prayers and would confer blessings. Kept for their feathers and color, by many pueblo people, and also considered to be a very expensive possession thereby donating prosperity.   The traditional colors bring out the bold symbolic pain with a bold black trim.  The final step was is the firing, packed under layers of cow mannowr over hot coals.  The pot may take days until it is finished depending on the weather and materials that are available.   

  Pottery Dimensions: 

 Pottery Dimensions:  17 1/4” Around x  3” Opening

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Stetson Setalla 

Hopi artist Stetson Stetalla was born into the Bear Clan, Mishongnovi in 1962. He has been an active artist since 1980 and specializes in traditional and contemporary pottery. 

He is the Grandson of Roscoe Navasi, Anges Navasie, and Josephine Setalla; nephew of Eunice Navasie and Perry Navasie; Son of Justin and Pauline Setalla; and Karen Namoki. 

Stetson Setalla is one of the few Hopi Potters from the Second Mesa. He wrote his own biographical statement. 
"My name is Stetson M. Setalla, I am 36 years old and enrolled with the Village of Sichomovi, which is one of the three villages known as First Mesa (Polacca). My fater. Justin Setalla, is from Sichomvi village and my mother, Pauline Setalla, is from Mishongonovi Village (Second Mesa), however, my parents raised myself and nine siblings in the Keams Canyon area known as Snowbird Canyon. 

I was only 19 years old when I began the art of pottery which was right after I graduated from high school. My mother was my mentor and she did and excellent job because without her patience, guanaco and love, I would not be where I a m today. I have now been in the pottery business for the past 16 years and although it started out as a hobby, I find it has become my main source of income, but most important, it gives me a sense of serenity, self-worth, pride and inner peace with my soul. I also work as a seasonal fire fighter with the Coconino Forest Service which keeps me busy during the summer months, but I enjoy the hard work that goes with the job and when I return ohm, I am anxious to sit down with my clay to be within myself once again. 

As I work on my pots, I clear my mind of all bad thoughts by concentrating and praying to my clay. Good thoughts and a good heart are essential in working with your clay because you creating yourself in each pot as you coil and when you are to paint the pot, a clear mind and good heart is crucial in assisting you with your painting because the designs flow through your mind into your hand onto your pot without difficulty. 

My pottery making is mentioned in Rick Dillingham's book, Fourteen Families in Pueblo Pottery.

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Hopi-Tewa Hand-Coiled Parrot Pottery Bowl, Stetson Setalla

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