Dee Setalla, Hopi Tewa Parrot Polychrome Bowl
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Hopi-Tewa Polychrome Parrot Pottery Bowl handmade by Hopi artist Dee Setalla.  Setalla practices contemporary pottery along with traditional pottery creating vibrant and unique art.  Parrots wrap around the delicate bowl with a fine pattorn that falls in between.  Each parrot represents the sun and the coming of the rains. Parrots were considered carriers of the specific prayers and would confer blessings. Kept for their feathers and color, by many pueblo people, and also considered to be a very expensive possession thereby donating prosperity. The Bowl was traditionally fired under cow monawor and hot coals, hand painted with natural pigment paint and has Setallas original hallmark and signature.   The pot may take days until it is finished depending on the weather and materials that are available.   


  Pottery Dimensions:
25 3/8" Around x 7 3/8" Tall x 7 1/2" Across TOP


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Dee Johnson Setalla 


Hopi artist Dee Johnson Setalla was born on July 17, 1963.  He was born in Bear Clan Mishongnovi and has been an active artist since 1970.  


He is the son of Justin and Pauline Setalla and learned his talent from his mother Pauline Setalla and Eunice "Fawn" Navasie (father's sister.)  He has won several awards a variety of different shows all over the southwest.  His favorite designs are Birds, moths, butterflies, bear claws, clouds, rain (from father's Water Clan.)


"I pray each morning with corn meal,"  Dee Johnson Setalla began explaining his spiritual approach to potter making.  "You must be very grateful for the clay and pottery…When we dig clay, we leave food there.  You can't be greedy and not leave anything."


We met Dee at the 1998 Santa Fe "Indian Market," clustered under his awning, as a summer rain shower faded.  He spoke kindly about his nine other brothers and sister, parsing their mother, Pauline Setalla, and his fathers's sister. Aunt Eunice "Fawn" Navasie.  He shared their philosophy, "When working with the clay, it's like you're bringing it to life.  You must treat it with respect.  You treat it like you are raising a child, and guide it through the growing stages.  It's not just steps out of tradition, but a personal nurturing as well.  


"Hopi-Tea Pottery" 500 Artists Biographies, American Indian Series.


By: Gregory Schaaf

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Hopi-Tewa Polychrome Parrot Pottery Bowl, Dee Setalla

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