Rough Turquoise "Tufa Cast Ring," Sterling Silver: Size 6 1/2
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Authentic Native American Handmade 
Rough Sleeping Beauty Turquosie
"Tufa Cast Ring"
Size: 6 1/2

Artist: Stewart Billie
Clan/Tribe: Navajo
Material: Sterling Silver / .925
Stone:  Turquoise 
Hallmark:  Yes
Size: 6 1/2
Shank Width: 1/2" 
Weight: 0.9oz

Stewart Billie
   "My name is Stewart billie I am a Navajo Tufa Artist from Fort Wingate, NM.  I chose to use the older methods of creating jewelry, carving and working with the stone to bridge traditional and contemporary designs.  I am inspired by my surrounding, the red mesas that make up the ridge of the red rocks leading to Gallup and the petroglyphs left by the ancestors of Chaco Canyon.  I use the finest turquoise when posting freeform settings and when I inlay I used the methods of Charles Loloma and Sonwai; always keeping the mesas, mountains and hills of dine’tah (Navajo land) a focal point.  My work is a reflection of myself and my ancestors before me. I use jewelry as a medium to meditate and reflect within worlds and the end result is my art.  I am a father of three (Lestat, Unity and Nayah) and my companion and best friend Shawna Begay are always working to perfect my craft.  
   I am diligent in becoming an artist that will forge a foundation for my children’s, children in the jewelry world.  My art is a way to reconnect with my Navajo heritage to share and teach through my designs.  I am proud of where my art will lead me through the experience I have yet to experience and the beauty that will follow." 
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Rough Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Tufa Cast Ring

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